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    professional team in constant training, continuous improvement system
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    solutions in modality (tool in hand) we guarantee full customer satisfaction
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    sustainability, responsible ethical conduct, we work in one of the regions with the most biodiversity in the world
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    we care about our personnel, we are active partners in the improvement of our society
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Petróleo & Gas

We supply natural gas production, processing and treatment equipment, natural gas compression, engineering, parts and services... [View more]

Aire & Compresión

Industrial compressors of air and gas, piston, screw and centrifugal. Comprehensive technical service, maintenance contracts... [View more]


EPC type contract (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) guarantees the client one company, one contract, one guarantee... [View more]

About Us

PROCESS TOOLS Ltd. provides comprehensive solutions and the best technical support, generating trust in our customers

Global Service

Network of offices, workshops and strategic partners, operation throughout the continent. We have a network that transcends borders, international service.

Integral Service

Integral solutions adapted to the needs and requirements of our clients. Guaranteeing the final work, partially or completely.

Professional Excellence

Our team is made up of experienced professionals who receive constant training to keep the company updated with the latest technologies and systems of work.

Social Commitment

We are active participants in the improvement of our society. We have a commitment to the region and eventually help various institutions and groups but we prefer not to detail.

SISO Commitment

We work on behalf of large multinational companies so we must meet the highest national and international standards and regulations of industrial safety and occupational health.

Environmental Commitment

Sustainability, ethical responsible behavior, we offer the latest technology and international support to help governments, municipalities and the private sector with compliance of new environmental regulations.

Technical Support

We have an extensive list of international suppliers that support our work. We train our staff, staff from other private companies and government organizations with top-level engineers from around the world.

Confidentiality and Ethics

We are distinguished by our integrity and professional ethics, we are your best ally, your engineering is our secret. Our clients sign confidentiality agreements and we also sign them with our staff and suppliers.

PROCESSTOOLS is a South American Company of technical services for the Private Industry and Government, we offer supply of parts, equipment, software or materials, as well as engineering, construction, inspection, operation, training and maintenance.

Our Work Area is Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay and we can extend our services throughout the continent, our commitment to the environment, with the safety of our workers and with technical, economic and social development allows us to offer first level services in the region.

PROCESSTOOLS is a sustainable, reliable and comprehensive solution.

Our MISSION, we are a qualified technical team that offers a comprehensive service of sale, installation, maintenance and operation of machinery in the industrial and energy sector. We are known for immediately, efficiently and efficiently satisfying the needs of our clients, working with social and environmental responsibility.

Our VISION, to position ourselves in the Latin American market as an innovative company and a valuable option for the industrial and energy sector, through the continuous improvement in our processes and development of our work team, that allow us to satisfy the needs of our clients, the society and the environment.

INTEGRITY.- Acting in accordance with ethical and social standards in activities related to work and daily life, respecting the confidentiality of our clients' information and carrying out our operations with transparency and rectitude for the collective benefit.

INNOVATION.- From this point of view, diversity and plurality of opinions gain enormous strength, we maintain a participative culture in our team that allows us to deliver creative and timely solutions to our business.

RESPONSIBILITY.- Put into practice, it is the decision making in a conscious way, to assume the consequences of the same ones and to respond to who corresponds in each moment.

For all the tasks within our offices and workshops as well as outside them in the work areas of our clients we consider for the Prevention of Workplace Risks generated by our activity, and with the purpose of protecting the Safety and Health of our collaborators , customers, visitors, contractors and subcontractors, we are committed to:

  • Comply with the regulations, applicable legal requirements and continuous improvement in relation to Health and Safety at Work.
  • Assign the human, economic and technological resources that are required for the proper functioning of the Occupational Risk Prevention Management System.
  • Commitment to establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve our Occupational Risk Prevention Management System, considering the principles of elimination, mitigation and control of risks at work.
  • Sensitize all members in the importance of prevention through induction, training, including consultation and participation in occupational health and safety issues.
  • Compliance with the International Standards of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, such as: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.
  • Our staff is trained and are constantly monitored to comply with National and International Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, mainly based on the ILO International Labor Organization and the WHO World Health Organization.
  • Implement and update this document periodically, as well as keep it available to all interested parties.

Meet our Code of Conduct at the following link [ view more ]

Contact Us

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Calle Costanera 12007A y Laureles,
Urdesa Central,
Guayaquil - Ecuador

+593 984 785 043 / 995 786 924